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#PlantED - Want more? 


1.    Include #plantED in your teaching program

It does not matter what subject or the age of children you teach planting trees can be included into your teaching program. Some ideas are:

Undertake research

•    Why you selected the type of tree/s to plant
•    Is the species you planted native to your country? 
•    What is the oldest living specimen of your tree species? 
•    Does your tree have any special properties used by humans?
•    Did/do the Indigenous people of your country have special uses for your tree? 
•    Does your tree have a different name in different languages?

Use your research to add to the fun facts page. 

Fun fact, did you know that:
•    the darkness of a trees leaves can change how much a landscape absorbs or reflects
•    scientists have studied which trees are the best absorbers and storers of carbon 
•    seaweed farming is a thing 
•    the world record for planting trees is held by the Philippines where 122 168 volunteers across 29 locations planted 2 294 629 trees
•    trees enhance our wellbeing and Forest Bathing is practised in Japan.
•    the oldest individual tree is 5062 years old? It is called the Great Basin bristlecone pine found in the White Mountains of California. 
•    150kms north west of Sydney in Australia grows the Wollemi Pine. The oldest fossil of the Wollemi Pine has been dated to 200 million years. This tree species saw the age of the dinosaurs! 
Use your specialist knowledge and strengths to create something special

Some ideas include:

•    How have trees featured in the Indigenous culture/s of your country?
•    Explore how trees have inspired artists and writers. Create your own artwork, poem, short story
•    Compose a song
•    Research how plants have featured in fashion design and development
•    Plants as food. What does the future look like?
•    The science behind trees and Climate Change
•    The science behind trees and humans
•    Researching if your country is on the United Nations List of Protected Areas and if so what areas have trees in them
•    Conduct a debate

There are so many ideas. We are sure you will come up with many more. We would love to hear what you do.

2.    Turn one of the trees you planted (or an established tree) into a wishing tree

wishing tree

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