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Plant to Action: Trees

Yes, let’s get those trees planted. But there are some considerations…


When to plant trees:

Generally, trees are planted in the spring or fall when the weather is cooler and there’s rain. Depending on where in the world you’ll be planting, there may be a rainy and a dry season as well.


What about carbon?

Carbon dioxide gas is naturally taken up by trees in photosynthesis. This helps reduce the CO2 in the air which contributes to global warming. Called carbon sequestration, trees and plants use CO2 in photosynthesis to grow new plant parts, and release oxygen needed by living things. Leaves grow and provide shade to cool the places where trees are grown.

Different species of trees take in different amounts of CO2. Planting different tree species can help boost carbon intake overall. Select trees that are native to your area, or ones that grow well but don’t take over other tree’s spaces as invasive tree species can do.


How about tree planting success?

It’s great to plant trees, but they need to keep growing! Start with soil type first – what trees in your region thrive in which soil types? Local agencies and practices can guide this question. Climate will also determine tree planting success – a palm tree in cold northern latitudes won’t thrive.

What’s in the tree planting area? Make sure there are no underground pipes or wires. And how much and often will trees need to be watered for best growth? Devise a watering schedule that can be put in place and maintained. 


Why is tree and forest conservation also important?

Well established trees and forests hold water and nutrients in their soil with roots and complex bacterial relationships. They house animals and are part of the ecosystem. They hold carbon naturally in this environment.

Working to keep live trees and forests in their environments helps to stabilize our climate by natural carbon sequestration.


Naomi Volain

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