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A warm welcome to #plantED and the Climate Action Project Community. We are excited to have you participate and can’t wait to share in your journeys. We hope the following ideas are useful in helping you get started with your project.

As you participate in #plantED you may like to:

1.    Share stories with your children.

Thank you to Mrs Victoria Roberts, a specialist early childhood teacher librarian from Sydney Australia, for creating these picture books collections.

2. Create your own stories. We would love to read them.

3. Ask your children what questions they have about trees and/or the environment. Let their questions guide your enquiry. Document your project. You may like to take inspiration from the Reggio Emilia approach.

4. Engage in research with your children to decide on the tree/s you wish to plant. What trees/plants are local to your area? Are there any plants significant to the Indigenous populations of your country? As part of your research you may discuss why trees are important to humans and our planet.

5. Document your tree planting journey from start to finish.

Early childhood

Teachers and children in Forest Schools have a unique insight into the value of trees and nature. If you are working in a Forest School or have a nature pedagogy program, we would love your children to share their insights such as:

  • Their views on trees and why they think they are important. What have they learnt about trees during Forest School?
  • Skills required to climb a tree. Are some trees easier to climb? Is tree climbing affected by different weather conditions?
  • One of the magical things trees give us is sticks. We would love to see how your children use sticks in their play
  • Other ideas you feel are relevant to #plantED

Please feel free to share your documentation/journey with your families and community. We would love to read your projects too.

A kind reminder to respect the rights of children and seek their consent before taking and sharing photos as well as their comments. Naturally, this is in addition to any policies and legislation that applies to your service and country.

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